New Delhi | Published on: October 9, 2011

Ms Jyotsna Govil from Indian Cancer Society, Delhi, writes:

Indian Cancer Society has made a Cancer Awareness Film for the Deaf, using Indian Sign Language.

There is much excitement in the Deaf community here, as they finally understand what we take as  simple information.

We plan to release the film on 16 October at the Cancer Sahyog (Emotional Support) Seminar on Familial Cancers.

This Seminar will be at the PHD Chamber of Commerce Auditorium between 9am-1.30pm. The entire proceedings will be interpreted in ISL by qualified interpreters.

We hope to reach out to an hitherto unreached audience!

How to sign “Cancer” in Indian Sign Language:

Plenty more visual signs at and on Youtube. Learn about and find resources for learning ISL.

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3 responses to “Silent and Thoughtful Act by the Indian Cancer Society”

  1. Jyotsna says:

    Would like to share a message from Dr. Surinder Randhawa, a long time Teacher of the Deaf: “It was a very special feeling yesterday. . it was not just that the sign language dubbing. . it was the whole ambience.. the presence of such lovely ladies with warm hearts, acceptance of the deaf & their language showed not only from ICS Staff but from the team of expert doctors too. . Deaf went back feeling more human, more equal, and with more self-worth. Such is the power of approval, a very baic human longing, and right too in this case. So a very big thank you again.”

    As an organiser, I can say it was most moving to see the excitement of the Deaf to be able to question 7 discus issues on par with the audience of hearing people.
    Can we all, please, ‘listen’ more often?!

  2. indra jasuja says:

    It left me speechless. I would not have missed the experience for the world.

  3. Rajagopal says:

    Would it not be wonderful if the video could be made available for free access online?