Published on: September 30, 2011


Sunshine Mugrabi, from California, visited Pallium India’s Trivandrum Institute of Palliative Sciences (TIPS) in early 2011 where she met a patient who touched her heart. Her name was Rahmath and suffered from an advanced incurable illness.

Sadly, Rahmath died recently at TIPS. Rahmath was a humble person, poorest of the poor in material wealth, yet when she died, obituaries came in from many parts of the world! (see the comments here)

Earlier this month Sunshine just gave a talk at the San Francisco End of Life Coalition. As a follow up she was interviewed by the SevenPonds blog, where Sunshine talked about Rahmath. Here are some quotes:

“The thing that was so amazing about her was that she was always smiling. I can’t think of her face without thinking of her smile and her beautiful shining eyes.”

“She was calm, even though it seemed as if she had more hardships that any person should have. She had had a very, very challenging life. And somehow she took it in this spirit.”

“I feel like her smile is with me for the rest of my life. I was incredibly sad, but it was also bittersweet.”

“Death is the most profound experience you’re going to have, besides birth.”

Please read the full interview at SevenPonds:

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