Published on: July 25, 2011

Judith and John Smith will be celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary next month; guess who get the gifts? They have written to their friends to help them celebrate the happy event by donating to Pallium India!

Judith and John’s pledge to Share to Care is enhanced by teaming up with the UK’s Shoe Zone Trust so that Gift Aid can be applied to their friends’ donations. You can read Judith’s letter below.

What a kind and marvelous thought, Judith and John. We are so grateful to you and your friends! THANK YOU!

Judith and John Smith’s Ruby Wedding Celebrations


I am a nurse specialist in palliative care currently working in education in a hospice in Leicestershire. My association with palliative care in Kerala started in 2004, when I spent 5 months at the Institute of Palliative Medicine in Calicut.

My main role was teaching the nurses on the six week Palliative Care Introductory Course. I fell in love with India and have returned three times to teach and get to know this wonderful place and the lovely people in Kerala.

The need for palliative care education is great as there is so much suffering which needs alleviating. Millions of patients live and die in great agony that could easily be prevented. Pain relief from morphine is not always easy to access and many people are still dying in pain in India. The professionals caring for dying patients are so keen to learn and their enthusiasm, dedication and capacity to improve care is really impressive.

The charity Pallium India works out of Trivandrum and it was here that I spent three weeks on my last trip to India, where I was again teaching nurses on the Introduction to Palliative Care course.

Judith & John

£18.74 will pay for a patient’s palliative care needs for ten days so as you can see a little goes an awfully long way!

For this reason, John and I have asked our family and friends who are coming to help us celebrate our 40 years of marriage in August to donate to Pallium India rather than give us any gifts.

The best gift we can get is to see some improvement in the care given to those suffering in their last days by the dedicated staff in Trivandrum.

2 responses to “Share to Care: Judith & John Smith’s 40th Wedding Anniversary”

  1. Rajagopal says:

    The gifted money has arrived; Judith and John. I am sure many would consider your action inspiring. Best wishes to you both.

  2. Kurnia Ito says:

    I wish that more and more people are getting aware that to help the dying being spared
    From pain n suffering is as good as they are doing the ritual of worship accordiing their own religion.