New Delhi | Published on: July 15, 2011

CanKids, the organization which works for treatment support, palliative care and reintegration of survivors into mainstream society for children with cancer, organizes a two day workshop:

Cankids Pallium India Training Workshop on Pediatric Palliative Care Counseling

Empowering Cankids for Effective Counseling & Emotional Support in Pediatric Palliative Care

15th & 16th July 2011, New Delhi, India

CanKids is organizing its 3rd Pediatric Palliative Care Workshop specifically focusing on counseling & communication in New Delhi, on 15th & 16th July, 2011.

We have already done our two Pediatric Palliative care workshops in November 2009 & December 2010 attended by Cankids members and the other palliative care professionals in Delhi such as RGCI, GCCI, AIIMS & other NGOs. In our previous workshops we focused on sensitizing ourselves on the first level of Pediatric Palliative Care, Pain and Procedural Support & alleviation of physical symptoms. With the guidance of our last workshops, we have taken several initiatives in our Palliative care project such as the implementation of the “Pain free Treatment Procedures” in AIIMS & IRCH, our home based care, improved patient navigation etc.

This 3rd workshop is a step ahead towards improving our services specifically focusing on Pediatric Palliative counseling & communication to build a greater knowledge of current psychological care practices with a special focus on ways to promote the psychological well-being of child cancer patients and their families in Indian setting.

Date & Venue

15 – 16 July, 2011 – Cankids Pediatric Palliative Day Care & Transition Home, J-161/A, Gautam Nagar, New Delhi

Time: 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The Workshop will be provided by:

  1. Ms. Aneeja Mariam Joseph, Pallium India
  2. Dr. Anjay Babu, Cankids Pediatric Palliative care physician
  3. Guest Speaker, Dr. Shalini Narayan, Psychologist, Fortis Hospital

Main aim of the workshop is to build capacity of the Cankids team to learn how we can improve the child care we offer and to sensitize ourselves and other workshop attendees. Through this workshop, we will explore the challenges most relevant to working with cancer-affected children in distress. It will be a good opportunity to gain and build a greater knowledge of current psychological care practices for children suffering from cancer.


Huma Anis, Senior Psychologist, Cankids – 9953591580/ 9811062718,

Juhi Saxena Chandrakar, Assistance Psychologist – 9999242947,

Shivani Ahuja, Project Officer PPCP – 09711130750,

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  1. Suresh Thaliyaril says:

    I got an opportunity to attend the two days Cankids Pallium India Training Workshop On Paediatric Palliative Care Counselling held on 15th and 16th July.The Faculty Members presented their topics well.Thanks for organizing such a training programme in Delhi.