“Share to Care” Program Launch Event – You’re Invited!

2011 June 12
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Pallium India along with YMCA Trivandrum, Ebenezer Palliative Care Unit and the Rajeswari Foundation will be holding an event to launch the “SHARE TO CARE” program.

click for invite and full event details (pdf)

By signing up to the “SHARE TO CARE” program you will be pledging to give a share to the needy when you celebrate or observe a birthday, anniversary or other important event in your life.

This pledge will support provision of pain relief and palliative care to the needy.

You are cordially invite you to attend the launch of the program!

If you’re in any doubt about the difference caring by sharing can make, take a look at just a few examples from our blog:

Where in India?Regional Map

Where is Trivandrum ?

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