Memories Are Made of This

2011 April 23

Pallium India received the following from a friend, who wishes to remain anonymous – Thank You, Dear Friend!

My Two MumsIn England, when someone dies, it is the custom to give floral wreaths for display at the funeral.

Over the years people began to realise that florists were making a lot of money from people competing to show how much they loved the deceased person.

Nowadays, more and more people make donations to charity in memory of their loved ones, as they feel the money is more usefully used.

My mother died last week aged 96 years and in her memory I enclose a cheque, which I am sure Pallium India will find useful.

Another recent example of this was by the family of an actress, via Twitter: “Elizabeth Taylor’s family is asking in lieu of flowers, that you contribute to the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation

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  1. Mahrukh Fatima permalink
    May 10, 2011

    that is one fabulous idea. gives eternal virtue to the diseased. as much people benefitted, as much hands will be raised in prayers for those who left!!

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