Published on: June 23, 2011

Pallium India successfully launched the SHARE TO CARE program on June 20, 2011. Read the news report about the launch event from below.

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Share To Care

Share to care program to persuade public to contribute to the palliative care fund

Share to Care Launch Event

Pallium India along with YMCA Trivandrum, Ebenezer Palliative Care Unit and the Rajeswari Foundation launched the “SHARE TO CARE” program in YMCA hall. It’s aimed to give a share of your joy to the needy when you celebrate or observe a birthday, an anniversary or any important event in your life.

Inauguration by Dr Vinay Jain

Pallium India fights for the needs of the millions suffering in India who are in need of pain relief and palliative care. The aim is the improvement of the quality of life. When cure is possible it supports the patient through curative treatment, minimizing suffering and when cure is difficult the emphasis is to care for improving the quality of the life of both the patient and his family.

Dr Ramdas Pisharody

Dr. Ramdas Pisharody, Principal, Medical College was the Chief Guest of the function. Dr Vinay Jain, founder of JIV Daya Foundation, inaugurated the function. M R Rajagopal, Chairman, Pallium India, stressed the need to consider pain relief as a priority. He remarked that people need to share with the needy whenever they are celebrating an occasion in their life.

It addresses psychological, physical, social and spiritual needs of the patient and family. It supports palliative care services, improves availability of low cost drugs to alleviate pain, rehabilitates patients and families and tries to ensure the continuation of basic education of children.

Student Kavya G Nath

Kavya G Nath who bagged 98 percentage in her SSLC examination was honoured at the function. Her education was provided for by the Pallium India after her father succumbed to cancer when she was in 5th standard.

It was followed by a signature collection pledging to give a share to the needy when one celebrates or observes a birthday, anniversary or other important event in life. This pledge will support provision of pain relief and palliative care to the needy.

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