Published on: June 18, 2011

Spread the word among family & friends!

Come and enjoy delicious Indian food, live music & vibrant dance performances!

Sunday 17th July 2011 – 7.30am onwards

Baylands Park, Sunnyvale, CA

Walkathon: 5K/10K/Half-Marathon

Download the flyer (pdf)

We look forward to seeing you at Sevathon 2011!

One response to “Pallium India-USA at Sevathon 2011”

  1. jagmohan singh - 10305 Stern Ave, Cupertino CA 95o14 says:

    Dear Mrs Kapoor

    Thanks for your kind mail and I am sending a small donation
    check by mail. We are not able to join you to marrow due to some
    other engagements.

    Hope to see you soon, God willing.