Kottayam | Published on: June 30, 2011

Kavya, her mother and little sister after the award ceremony

We congratulate Ms Kavya G Nath from Kottayam district in Kerala for her distinguished success in her Secondary School Leaving Certificate (SSLC) examination with 98% marks. Kavya wrote to Pallium India,

My father’s death five years had destroyed my family in every sense. I cannot describe the comfort that we got from the support and love that you had extended to my family. I cannot thank you enough.

Kavya wants to become a doctor. She will now have two years of “plus two” before she can attend an entrance examination to secure a seat for her medical studies.

And friends, we shall together support her in her choice of profession, if that is what she still wants to do at the end of these two years. Pallium India’s program is to continue support for education till the students’ studies have come to a natural conclusion and the person has started to earn.

At the “Share to Care” function on the 20th of June at Trivandrum, Kavya received a memento, a merit certificate and a cash award.

Congratulations, Kavya! Pallium India is privileged to have the opportunity to walk with your family.