Published on: February 13, 2011

For the second time, a team of students from University of Iowa (USA) came to Trivandrum for a three-week course from 29th December, 2010 at Trivandrum Institute of Palliative Sciences.

There were 13 undergraduate students from various health-related courses in the group accompanied by Professor Joann Eland – a great friend of the Indian Palliative Care scene from the time of her first visit in 2009 (pictures).

We enjoyed having these young people with us, studying palliative care, the local culture and also having a good time.

We thank Professor Rajagopal Rangaswamy of University of Iowa for arranging this.

Student Feedback

Here’s some wonderful feedback that we got from the students…

Libby Miller

“Gratitude, Inspiration and hope from the patients I have seen. I am unsure where many of these people and their families summon the strength to go on. It is undeniably clear that the members of the palliative care team are driven by raw passion. Their examples give me hope that the lives of those in most desperate need in this world will continue to improve.”

Melissa Palma

“In the few days we have been here, I have learned so much more about palliative care and the suffering present in the world than could be taught to me in a class in the US. This experience has truly made in internalize the stories of the people Pallium Cares for and kindness and dedication of Dr.Raj and all the of the Pallium care givers has opened my eyes to what is possible when people selflessly care for others.”

Greg Pelc

“Pallium India given me a snapshot of the immense suffering of the Indian people and their efforts to relieve and manage this pain. I am struck by the similar challenges and struggles that we address in the US with our abundant resources and how Pallium succeeds and surpasses an empathetic ear, compassionate care and efficient use of resources.”

Olivia Jones

“This experience has challenged my way of thinking by showing me how important the little things are. Disease such as hypertension or astrophy (muscle stiffening) are disease that could be easily fixed or prevented in the U.S. I see that the U.S as a country takes for granted a lot of these luxuries. It in turn corrupts our compassion for patients in the eye of the doctor, and the families for who are involved.”

Autumn Kuehl

“My experience with Pallium India has been awesome it has shown me that taking time with patients is really important and to treat them as a person, not a case is a great way to look at it and approach the situation.”

Elizabeth Moore

“Studying with Pallium India has been unexplainable. The care and compassion not only shown to their patients, but also to us is something the whole world could learn from. The staff, volunteers and patients have allowed us to learn abut ourselves and other cultures but most importantly the need for pain management and organization like Pallium India throughout the world.”

Laney Bremner

“My experience with Pallium India thus far has been a remarkable one. The kindness and compassion of the Pallium staff used with their patients are qualities that I will cherish and carry with me for the rest of my life, these people have the biggest hearts I have ever seen and treat every patient with five star care. I applaud them for this.”

Danielle Pittman

“Since I have been in India, I would have to say this experience has been eye-opening and life changing. Observing what Pallium does for their patients is jaw dropping. The patient care has been incredible and we all have seen the passion that each person has when they interact with others. I feel that I have been able to immerse myself in this culture fare more than just traveling though Trivandrum. I have been able to see all the beautiful things that this culture has to offer as well as the struggle to bond together and help each other with what is available.”

Audrey Keith

“It’s been an adventure for our fact and our hearts, traveling to people’s home where their lifestyle is vastly different from our own but understanding pain and suffering and the importance of caring nonetheless. It is been a privilege really, and I am grateful for this opportunity to work with Pallium India.”

Emily Boes

“This experience has allowed me to see the benefits gained in ones health by simply receiving the compassion time of a person who cares enough to empathize for another.

I have greatly enjoyed having the opportunity to meet the workers at Pallium and see the passion each doctor, social worker and volunteer withholds. We can all use a lesson on having patience a compassion for others.”

Miranda Boeckman

“After just 3 days of patient home visits, I am astounded by the work Dr. Raj and his colleagues are going. The level of passion, perseverance and selflessness is truly remarkable! I have also been inspired by the spirit of the patients, many who have little money but are still so happy!”

Clarissa Cigrand

“It has opened my awareness to the starting majority of people suffering form long term illness who have the capacity to experience happiness and well being due to the efforts of palliative care and can do so.

The holistic approach taken to improve patient’s quality of life beings profound change to the patient and their families and though there is a language barrier between us, it is not hard to read their smiles and shining eyes that they are being relieved of pain”

Tan Ee Phie

“For this experience, I have learned about the value of life. It is almost very frustrating for me to watch how one’s life can be so weak and realize that it is all beyond our ability to control that. This trip has taught me that instead of just dwelling upon on how one’s life could be so weak, why not take one step back and learn more about what else it can help. Perhaps, we will be amazed to realize that they are still many wonderful things that we can do to bring into someone else’s life. I believe this lesson will benefit me for my future career path in the medical field or even just living my normal life.”