Dr Vivek Khemka talks to Medindia

2011 February 25
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Dr Vivek Khemka is a US-based oncologist, a palliative care enthusiast and a great friend of palliative care and of Pallium India. A few years back he brought Ms Linda Emanuel of North-Western University (Chicago) and Pallium India together and worked with us to Indianise the EPEC curriculum (Education in Palliative and End-of-Life Care).

Medindia’s Thilaka Ravi interviews Dr Khemka about palliative care in India:

Pain Relief and End of Life Care Needs Focus in India

Medindia sat with Dr. Vivek Khemka, MD, who specializes in Oncology and Palliative Medicine, and is visiting India from Phoenix, Arizona in the USA. He is a life member of the Indian Association of Palliative Care and is also executive director for the EPEC-India project in addition to being part of several other international organizations working on improving palliative care in India.

Dr. Khemka observed that Palliative care in India has made significant progress over the last two decades due to the concerted efforts of several Indian and international organizations. Palliative care is applicable in all healthcare settings from the home to clinics to hospitals.

Q. You were instrumental in bringing an education program in Palliative Care from Chicago with modifications to suit the Indian scenario. How big is the need for Palliative Care here in India?

A. There were no comprehensive programs in Palliative Care when I studied medicine in India in the 1980s and 90’s except for a few centres in Kerala. Significant progress has been made since then especially in Kerala which has even become an example for many other countries. Individuals and organizations in some states have learnt from the model there and have over a period of time started their own programs adapting and modifying it to their local needs.

Read the full interview at MedIndia.net: Pain Relief and End of Life Care Needs Focus in India

Thank you Vivek, for all that you are doing for India!

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