Published on: December 18, 2010

Aneeja Mariam Joseph

Miss Aneeja Mariam Joseph, a Medical Social Worker from Pallium India, attended the international conference Excellence in Oncology 2010, held at Kolkata’s Cancer Centre Welfare Home and Research Institute from 10-12th December 2010.

The conference included hands-on workshop in Palliative Care for doctors, nurses, social workers and volunteers.

One of the delegates, a cancer survivor working with HITAISHINI, a voluntary group for breast cancer survivors, told after Aneeja’s session with them,


It was truly a great joy to see and meet people who are interested in palliative care.

I believe this means people are beginning to understand and accept the need for palliative care.

It’s about time things changed.

The workshop has been organized by the Department of Palliative Care, CCWHRI in collaboration with Royal Sussex County Hospital, UK, the Indo American Cancer Association and UICC.

Dr. Rakesh Roy and Dr. Sanghamitra Bora (both had undergone the six-weeks’ certificate courses in palliative care at TIPS in the years 2008-2009, and we still consider them part of the TIPS team!) were the chief organizers of the program under Dr Arnab Gupta’s leadership.

One response to “Report: Excellence in Oncology 2010”

  1. It feels great to feel the essence of being a part of the TIPS team!! And Aneeja, you showed so much light to everyone out here, they are all praise for you. We would love to have you once again. Keep up the good work.