Published on: October 11, 2010

Dr Richard Lim from Malaysia writes to introduce their new Evidence Based Clinical Practice Guideline on Cancer Pain Management in Malaysia.

A large official launch by the Ministry of Health will take place sometime in December or January. They are also preparing a training module and will be starting a series of roadshows to promote this guideline.

You can download the Guidelines from the MOH website:

Dr Lim continues to write that it took them a good 2 years to get it all done and hopes that it will serve as a useful reference for all healthcare workers in Malaysia managing patients with cancer.

Having scanned through the document, we find it to be an excellent resource for India too. True, some of their drugs are not available in India, and they do not seem to have some low cost drugs that we use over here; but by and large, it will be a useful addition to the armamentarium for palliative care institutions in India.

And please make note of another important hidden message in Dr Lim’s email – his efforts do not stop with the publication of the guidelines – they are going on to a “public launch” and “road shows“.

Unless the guidelines reach the consumers, what is the use? A lesson to learn there, is there not?

Some of us remember Dr Lim as a vibrant young medical student who visited the Calicut Palliative Care Centre in the 1990s and are not at all surprised to find him to be such an achiever!