Published on: February 14, 2010

From our friend and supporter Meera Mohan:

Living Is In Loving…

The sun rises brisk and bright,
Gilding the world with his light;
Its still a gloomy night
For those with not a hope in sight…

Eyes blinded by unshed tears,
Lips frozen by unspoken fears,
Hearts broken by unfulfilled dreams,
Life splitting apart at the seams…

Beaten, battered and broken,
By life betrayed and forsaken,
They know not what to do,
They know not whom to turn to…

When we strut along so tall and straight,
Do we ever think of those felled by fate?
As we celebrate and sing a merry song,
Do we see those who can’t even hum along?

Is life about living in an ivory mansion?
And being the epicentre of fickle attraction?
Or is it about riding in fancy cars?
And being decorated with spurious stars?

How long does it last:the music of empty applause?
Its time to leave the rat-race and for a moment pause…

But wait-
I do see a silver lining,
Behind those dark clouds gently shining,
Hearts that beat with love and care,
Hands that reach out to comfort and share,
A warm smile, a tender touch,
To those bereft, it means so much.

YOU who look at another as your own,
So, they no longer feel abandoned and alone;
YOU who with love ignite a spark
In lives gone cold and empty and stark;
YOU who so dauntlessly strive
To lessen the pain and help survive
Those floundering to reach the shore
Or those waiting at death’s door…

On this Valentine’s Day,
I do sincerely pray
That all the tears YOU’ve wiped away
Will become guardian angels to protect YOU
And, help YOU in your mission, all your life through!

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