Published on: November 3, 2023

Medicine is a very important part of the healing process, but equally important is the human touch. For those struggling with long-term disabilities or illnesses, this connection with humans is both a source of hope and strength, as well as practical support.

However, there are many who do not have familial support, and that’s where communities come into play. All of us are part of a larger community, no matter where we are. When the community steps up, volunteers, and lends a hand to those in need, it demonstrates how powerful it can be in helping ease someone’s struggle.

To highlight this, here are some instances of people stepping up to make a difference.

Millennials At Work

An elderly woman in Pallium India’s care, lovingly called ‘Amma,’ – did not have anyone to take her to a consultation at the government medical college hospital – as her husband is old and frail. She would have had to miss her hospital visit altogether.

Adarsh and Ananthan, students of Christian College Kattakkada, had signed up to help with an event at their college, alongside juggling academic and co-curricular activities. When they learned of the situation, they readily passed over their event responsibilities to their friends and helped Amma make it to the hospital for her consultation. They were happy to spend the day with her, assisting her with whatever she needed. This meant a great deal to her in terms of practical support as well as emotional.

Leading With Compassion

Mr. Arlos met with an accident at 22, leaving him a paraplegic for life. His desire to live independently, however, was strong. He set up a small shop within his home to earn an income. The shop is a favorite with every child in his neighborhood, where they come to buy snacks and candies. Neighbors also stop by to chat with Mr. Arlos, keeping him engaged and light-hearted.

However, as Mr. Arlos requires a wheelchair to move around, he faces several challenges. His home is not disability-friendly; for instance, it has stairs that make it difficult to get around. Keeping the home tidy is another challenge. A friend of his comes by occasionally to help with the cleaning, but it is not enough. The house still gathers dirt, which negatively impacts his quality of life.

Recognizing Arlos’ need, Students’ Initiative in Palliative Care (SIPC) volunteers from ACE College of Engineering, Thiruvallam, came forward to lend a helping hand by cleaning his house. They cleared all the dust and organized the house, making life for Arlos a little easier and a little happier.

Watch video: ACE College students helping Mr Arlos

A little goes a long way.

It doesn’t take a medical degree or to be of a particular age or gender in order to be present for those in our communities who require health-related assistance. We each have the power to step up, mobilize, and organize support for the most vulnerable. Something that requires minimum effort from us, may make the difference of life and death to another.

Donate for a cause: Donations do make a big difference in helping people; however, sometimes, just spending a little time and helping people achieve something goes a long way to easing their struggle and making life a little brighter.

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