Published on: May 22, 2023
Dr. Punithavathy D, Coimbatore

Dr. Punithavathy D (Asst Professor in KMCH Medical College and a fellow in Pallium India’s Global Fellowship in Palliative Medicine program), writes:

In times of strife and pain,
When illness threatens to drain
Our strength and will to carry on,
We turn to family, friends, and community, to lean upon.

Palliative care will offer the respite,
And support of loved ones makes life bright,
We can’t avoid the end that’s nigh,
But we can be prepared and say goodbye.

Why not build a strong foundation,
Of resilient families and close-knit communities,
To cope with the challenges of life,
And ease the burden of our last goodbyes?

Let’s cherish the moments we have,
And create memories that will last,
For when our time comes to depart,
We can find solace in the love in our hearts.

Let’s come together in empathy,
For those in need of our company.
Make memories to cherish the most,
And find comfort in the love that’s never lost.

3 responses to “A Journey Together…”

  1. Maj Gen Ravikumar says:

    Very well written and strikes an emotional chord

  2. T.G Nalini says:

    Empathetically said dr.punitha..

  3. Sairu Philip says:

    Beautiful and poignant