Published on: March 29, 2022

Pallium India’s trustee, Ashla Rani has been selected to be a ‘diarist’ for the third series of the NCD Diaries, to share her experience of living with Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) and to raise awareness about ways countries can strengthen their health workforce to match requirements and deficiencies.

The Diaries project is part of the NCD Alliance’s ‘Our Views, Our Voices’ initiative, to provide a platform for diarists to share their life through an audio, written or visual medium to the world, showcasing everyday challenges, hopes and changes they would like to see.

Each series will comprise of three episodes on a selected topic. Ashla’s diary will include her compelling insights and experience on the topic ‘My healthcare providers’ impact on my NCD journey’.

The project aims to develop a public narrative that puts people first and builds awareness of challenges experienced by those living with NCDs. The diarists will draw on their unique local contexts, highlighting their day-to-day challenges and personal realities.

The diary initiative aims at enabling individuals to drive change, while combating stigma and discrimination. It also aims to support and inspire people with lived experiences and raise awareness.

Some of the interesting diarists are:

Visual Diary
Robert Onyango from Kenya

Omar Abureesh, Jordanian cancer survivor, doctor and an NCD advocate

Written Diary
Edith Mukantwari from Uganda

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