Published on: March 30, 2022

What happens when a loved one dies due to a dreaded disease like cancer? How does the family cope with such a loss? Do all their questions get answered or are they haunted throughout life?

To seek answers to these questions and to honour the departed souls, Arujivn Healthcare Foundation, a Guwahati-based healthcare start-up, observed “Remembrance Day” on Sunday, March 6, 2022 with family and friends of those people who received home-based palliative care of the organization.

The emotional turmoil a family goes through during cancer treatment is irreparable and indescribable; leave aside the cost incurred for the treatment. Palliative Care should be started from the point of diagnosis, but patients get them just at the last days of their disease or never at all. What is more unfortunate is that once the patient dies, no one follows up with the family. Bereavement support is an integral part of Palliative Care, and hence one of the major goals of the organization is to extend support to the bereaved families of such patients.

The Remembrance Day event started with a short note on the concept and importance of Palliative Care by Dr. Sanghamitra Bora (in the picture), honorary Medical Director of Arujivn Healthcare Foundation, followed by real life experience sharing by family members of patients. The highlight was making of “The Remembrance Tree” to which everyone attached leaf shaped paper notes with messages to their loved ones, and lighted floating candles on a small pool of water.

Major discussions also emphasized the need to spread awareness about Palliative Care and how it could be propagated in the society. The Organization has also taken up the objective of initiating a “Volunteer’s Wing” which would work towards the cause. Many attendees have shown interest and a desire to work as volunteers and contribute their bit. The foundation’s reach to the underprivileged is currently limited due to lack of funds; addition of the Volunteer’s wing shall be dedicated to including the underprivileged besides doing other activities like awareness generation and networking. Volunteers shall also undergo training on issues related to Palliative Care and serious health related issues and how they can contribute. Major plans of the organization for year 2022 include many awareness generation programs as the demand for palliative care shall only be generated from the community.

Pallium India was privileged to be invited to this event. Rontu Sangma (Regional Coordinator – North East India, State Facilitation Team, Pallium India) attended the event and spoke about Pallium India’s activities. We have always worked closely with Dr Sanghamitra Bora and we look forward to seeing Arujivn Healthcare Foundation grow and develop.

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