Published on: February 15, 2022

Dr Cynthia Goh, the palliative care pioneer of Asia Pacific countries and a global leader of palliative care, sadly died in the evening of the 13th February 2022.

Dr. Cynthia Goh started her career in palliative care as a volunteer and eventually became the force that influenced the whole region as she built the Asia Pacific Hospice Network from its foundation.

Known for her efficiency and ability to inspire people, she worked with Dr Sushma Bhatnagar to develop pain relief centres in numerous cancer institutions across India. We at Pallium India fondly remember her visit to our institution. She had joined our home visit team to the hilly terrains in the village of Uzhamalakkal and inspired the whole of our team in the classroom later. 

Rest in peace Dr Cynthia Goh. You will be remembered! 

(Picture credit: The Straits Times: Pioneer of Palliative Care, Dr Cynthia Goh, dies of pancreatic cancer at age 72)

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