Published on: February 28, 2022
Sumitha T. S

In 2020, at the height of the pandemic and lockdown, our friend Ms Sumitha T S MPH connected us with a remarkable organization, “Coastal Students’ Cultural Forum”. The overcrowded poverty-ridden area had become a “critical containment zone” with poor access for anyone for anything. We ended up collaborating and doing some most worthwhile work in the coastal areas of Trivandrum.

Please read the open-access article in the Indian Journal of Palliative Care (IJPC) :

Response to COVID-19 Crisis with Facilitated Community Partnership among a Vulnerable Population in Kerala, India – A Short Report

Sumitha TS, Thelly AS, Medona B, Lijimol AS, Rose MJ, Rajagopal MR. Response to COVID-19 crisis with facilitated community partnership among a vulnerable population in Kerala, India – A short report. Indian J Palliat Care, doi: 10.25259/IJPC_62_2021

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