Published on: December 20, 2021

Vishnu P R, Regional Coordinator – South, Pallium India, writes:

As part of Pallium India’s induction process, I had the opportunity to accompany the medical team (Doctor, Nurse, care assistant) for a home-care visit. We visited five patients with multiple medical conditions. Even though I have volunteered for similar initiatives previously, I was astonished by the professional approach of our team and the organized structure Pallium India follows to provide the needed care to the patients.

Our first visit was with a young male patient with cerebral palsy who was appreciating us for valuing his demand for a dignified life and for our quality of service. Another young patient with Down syndrome was celebrating his birthday on the exact day we visited. He believes that the angels had sent us to wish him a healthy and prosperous life. The excitement and joy in his eyes still amazes me that how influential each one of us can be in others’ life.

Two elder female patients with cancer history living alone were eagerly waiting for our monthly food kits. They were keen to see some faces to simply have an informal chat about their daily routines. Our last visit was with a male patient suffering from myeloma who is having serious financial crisis with his treatment cost. Later, I came to know that our social workers consulted with him and ensure the required support from Pallium India.

I strongly believe that the world needs more listeners than speakers. Most of the aforementioned patients need someone who could listen to their sorrows and sufferings instead of telling them how to live. Through these visits, I got a clear insight on the need of a collective responsibility of helping each other when in suffering. Life is so easy and beautiful when we see the “other” part of the world. I am really fortunate to do my part in achieving the greater goal of alleviating the serious health related suffering of these people through Pallium India.

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