Published on: December 30, 2021

Pallium India’s new theme song was introduced as part of its 18th anniversary events, on December 15, 2021.

With lyrics by Smriti Rana and composition by Yash of Shankar Mahadevan Academy, it was rendered by Pallium India’s medical social workers, led by Manisha and Emil. Please listen:

We have deliberately kept the lyrics universal for palliative care; free for anyone to sing. The lyrics:

To walk with the weary

To take away pain 

To wipe away tears

Bring light through the rain 

May we have the heart, 

To hold out a hand,

To those beyond reach

Across the land 

May we have the grace, 

To calm their fears

Stay beside them

For hours or years 

May we have the vision, 

To not look away 

May we open our hearts 

To what they say 

When the night is dark

And they walk alone

Let us carry the light

And walk them home…

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