Published on: December 28, 2021

Dr Zinia Nujum from the department of Community Medicine at Government Medical College, Kollam, and colleagues have published this study on pain relief with local anesthetics in the needed protective injections following animal bites. Pain in this situation is intense, and the study demonstrates relief with a simple procedure.

Apart from the positive result and pain relief, we believe this study is significant. Department of Community Medicine, the department that practices and teaches Public Health, is taking pain seriously. And doing something about it. Thank you Dr Zinia Nujum.

Zinia T Nujum; Mathew J Valamparampil; Rajagopal MR; Arya Rahul; Siju NS; Prajitha KC. Efficacy of 2% lignocaine medicated pad for pain alleviation during rabies immunoglobulin administration. Indian Journal of Public Health, 2021; 65:4, 356-361.

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