Published on: October 26, 2021

Sree Priya S, Coordinator-Virtual Education at Pallium India, writes:

As part of my induction training, after being appointed Coordinator-Virtual Education at Pallium India, I was given the opportunity to accompany the home care team of Pallium India and visit some beneficiaries. It was a first of its kind experience for me.

Even though I started the day with little or no idea about the entire process, by the end, I was realizing another side of life. People struggling to earn their bread and butter, and overcoming their pains and griefs, filled my heart with positivity and motivation.

The 30 year old man who returned from the Middle East, only to meet with an accident that paralysed him for the rest of his life, now making and selling biryani for a living, literally was a picture of positivity. Even though the fire burn in his leg was as fresh as his agony, it was evident he was not going to turn away from this fight. The 6 and 4 year old kids of his, unknowingly, were also part of his survival needs, along with his young and courageous wife.

We proceeded to meet an elderly couple. Little I realise the huge pain they carried. Their son was in bed-rest after a heart surgery and daughter in law was going in for surgery. The mother had high levels of diabetes. The person we had gone to visit was the father, for his various ailments.

A bedridden father and his 20 year old daughter depicted yet another story of survival. The wife of that patient had gone to earn their livelihood, along with the son.

I could not join the team to see two other patients purely because of geographical constraints: there was no approach road to the houses, which were upon a steep hill. I recognised the effort and pain both the patients’ families as well as Pallium India’s team have been taking, to improve the lives of these true warriors.

The spirit with which Sr. Dinu proceeded to each patient’s home showed her passion and dedication towards her work. Mr. Rajeev who rode the wheels for the day, ensured complete safety and time adherence.

Our team provided medicines to all and, in some houses, food kits also. In addition, at each house, Sr Dinu asked about the whereabouts of the other family members and ensured complete emotional support as well. 

The respect and love each family showed to the team was enough to understand how much our services meant to them, and how robust a support it was for the families.

It might have been just another day for the team, but for me, it was an eye-opening experience that helped me understand more about our society, the human life, the hidden truth and depth of pains, and most importantly, the role an organisation like Pallium India plays in the betterment of lives of people in pain, and support their families at the same time. 

(Note: No pictures were taken and no names are shared here, to respect the privacy of our beneficiaries.)

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