Published on: September 3, 2021

Writing in the Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA), Dr Christopher Booth of Queens’ University, Kingston, Canada (he is also honorary consultant to Pallium India), Dr Adam Fundytus and Dr Vinay Prasad bring focus on the loss of patients’ time vis-à-vis the benefits of cancer treatment with palliative intent.

Read the article: Has the Current Oncology Value Paradigm Forgotten Patients’ Time?

“The diagnosis of cancer quickens time and patients lose patience. The good doctor will realize this.”

“In a 2020 study, Bange et al showed that patients receiving palliative chemotherapy for pancreatic cancer spent 10% of their living days actively seeking medical care; this did not include time for laboratory testing or hospital admissions.”

“Before initiating therapy with palliative intent, oncologists and patients should carefully consider potential gains in survival against time spent at the clinic, which comes at the expense of patients spending time with family, traveling, or pursuing other interests.”

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