Published on: September 27, 2021

On two Sundays, September 12 and 26, 2021, Shankar Mahadevan Academy (SMA) gifted magical musical evenings to Pallium India’s care recipients, caregivers, volunteers and staff. The program began at 3PM on zoom. It was truly magical; everyone participated actively and enjoyed thoroughly. The friendly attitude of the singers, their open smiles and engaging personalities made the music truly divine.

Smriti Rana’s words to SMA summarised it all: 

When we try and teach spiritual suffering and care, we always mention that spirituality is more than faith – it is about connection, hope, meaning and purpose. And that music, poetry and art can provide those things in ways that cannot be measured. Thank you for bringing this to life, and for bringing spiritual care to our patients, their families and to all of us.  

Thank you, Krish, Parvathy, Anagha, Albin, Samyuktha and Nimisha for the mesmerising experience! We eagerly look forward to the next session with you all!

Shankar Mahadevan Academy provides free musical sessions to people battling serious diseases, loneliness, depression and other mental ailments. Learn more:

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