Published on: September 29, 2021

In this video series, Asianet Cable Vision (ACV) channel explores the lives of people in Trivandrum who receive palliative care support from Pallium India.

Watch these videos to know how palliative care improves the life of people with serious health related suffering. Contact us to know more about palliative care and the support we offer:

English Subtitles have been added by Pallium India.

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Following an accidental fall from the top of a building, Jyothikumar was paralysed. He had to depend on his aging mother to take care of him. See how his life has improved after he encountered palliative care.

Baby and Bhaskaran had raised their five children with their meagre wages, but in the twilight of their lives, they are abandoned and alone.

Rajesh Kuttichal says he got the confidence to sing thanks to the encouragement he received from Pallium India. Listen to his beautiful voice. Know his story.

Ajikumar works magic and reaches for his dreams from the confines of his wheelchair. His talent knows no bounds.

Maya’s life has been full of challenges – she lost her husband and became homeless, while having to take care of her older son, Kichu. Their financial woes have made her younger son drop out of school to support the family.

Gopika alias Sreekutty Sree shares her palliative care journey with Pallium India.

Meet Shyam Kumar, a student, a cyclist, a skating enthusiast and much more. An inspiring person, who is also a friend of Pallium India.

Meet Satish from Nedumangad, a palliative care recipient and a friend of Pallium India, who runs a shop to earn an income.

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