Published on: August 9, 2021

We, finally, are able to get COVID vaccine to all our patients.  

Since Covid vaccine came to India, we have been trying to get our patients protected. It was not easy. So many obstacles; so many bureaucratic wrangles. Understandably, most of the obstacles were inevitable. All concerned officials were desperately busy handling several times the workload that they had before February 2020. The formalities, quite understandably, could not be avoided.

For some time in the last month, we lent our staff and vehicles to some primary health centres and community health centres so that their immunisation programme could reach our patients. But that helped to get to only a small percentage of our patients.

And now we have got the approval as a vaccination centre. The district medical officer Dr. Shinu KS and district surveillance officer Dr Dhanuja were very helpful and supportive and finally we could reach people in their homes with the vaccine.

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