Published on: August 7, 2021

The journal, ‘Palliative Medicine Reports‘ has been indexed in PubMed Central. It is indeed  welcome news that one more palliative medicine journal is now open access

We have always been proud that the Indian Journal of Palliative Care (IJPC) is an open access journal. Anybody anywhere in the world can see all the contents with one click of their mouse. We must congratulate Dr. Sushma Bhatnagar of All India Institute of Medical Sciences, the current president of Indian Association of Palliative Care, for making this happen. 

Rabindranath Tagore prayed for a world ‘where knowledge is free’. The realities in the medical world are almost the opposite. The prices of textbooks and journals are exorbitant by low and middle income countries’ standards; they are dependent on the currency exchange rate and NOT on purchasing power. PubMed Central and a few open access platforms, hence, are very welcome. 

Congratulations and thank you, Dr Cristopher Jones and colleagues. 

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