Published on: August 16, 2021

The Founder Chairman of Cankids…KidsCan, Poonam Bagai (who is also the vice-chairman of Pallium India) has been awarded the prestigious Vedica Women Alliance-V-WA 50- A Women Leader in Social Impact 2021.

The Vedica Women’s Alliance (V-WA) is a pioneering initiative built to aggregate, advocate, and amplify the voices of women leaders from across the country and shape an ecosystem that helps women professionals thrive. The V-WA 50 has been instituted to recognise, reward and replicate women’s professional success.

Ms Bagai has been awarded as Woman Leader in Social Impact for her exemplary work & dedication by “Leading development initiatives that work towards an equitable and sustainable world by solving challenges and empowering communities”.

On the occasion of accepting this award, Ms Bagai said, “Cankids as an organisation is not only women-led, we are proud of the fact that 64% of colleagues in our workforce are women. We are strong advocates for fairness, equity and inclusion. Our women Leaders are committed to serve as role models for our women staff, parent members, and girl survivors and inspire them to think big and progress towards a healthier global community”.

Congratulations, Poonam Bagai.

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