Published on: May 22, 2021

“This year, I am donating money to the Red Cross project in India to support COVID relief,” says Lilah Booth.

Lilah Booth is almost as far away from India as possible geographically. She lives in Kingston, Canada, some 13,500 kilometres away. But she covers that distance in no time with her heart, with her love, with her humanity.

A few years back Dr. Christopher Booth, an oncologist – he is now a honorary consultant (research) for Pallium India – and his wife Celeste Booth came to Trivandrum with their four children and spent three months here, Chris helping the Regional Cancer Centre and us in Pallium India, while the children soaked up the sun, the local culture and the local way of life.

That one trip must have expanded the world several times for the four children. Now, Lilah Booth is raising money to support India during this difficult period of the pandemic, through the Canadian Red Cross’s India COVID Response Appeal.


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