Published on: November 24, 2020

PalliCovid ECHO virtual sessions train health workers in Palliative Care management in the context of Covid-19. The training is designed to capacitate health-workers in alleviating Serious Health-related Suffering of the patient and their family. It involves prevention, assessment and management of symptoms including pain, breathlessness and agitation, as well as providing psychological, social and spiritual support. The training also equips health workers to manage work related stress.

“As a Nurse, Pallicovid ECHO Program was definitely the most beneficial professional development course I’ve ever taken. The one week course was a valuable learning experience because it challenged my thinking regarding the application of Palliative care in COVID time. The course exceeded my expectations, in particular because it explored other aspects of Palliative care such as Ethical issues, Narcotic Drugs usage in pain management, goals of care, and triage in the context of COVID19 etc.

The course has a very comprehensive approach to Palliative care. The E-book provided by Pallicovid ECHO is concise and extremely helpful. The course is designed in such a manner that learning is not limited. I continue to learn a lot through the knowledge and approach a gained from Pallicovid ECHO. Lessons on breathing exercises taught on third day are helping me a lot in my daily clinical practice as well as personal life. Learning and interacting with course participants from varied domains of healthcare as well as from around the world was a unique opportunity. E-Learning is definitely a new concept for us all to get used to, and it can be particularly new and challenging for all people. I am thankful to the support extended by the course facilitators and the administration team of Pallium India.”

– Joby Baby, Nurse, Kuwait

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“I have learned a lot as a Community Health Officer on how to take care of patients with incurable disease and Covid-19 by giving compassionate care.

Ethical issues, goals of care, and triage in the context of Covid19 were some of the important things I learned from this Pallicovid ECHO online session and I suggest to please continue this type of sessions in the future also.

I’m very pleased and thankful to Pallicovid ECHO team and Pallium India for coming up with this course and also for giving me an opportunity to learn from the experts.”

Maibam Ranita Devi, Nurse/Community Health Officer, NHM Manipur

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“The drive to be able to help relieve suffering and having witnessed distress so closely in my own family motivated me to join Pallicovid-Echo program. All the sessions were extremely well structured for people from diverse fields including medicine, nursing, social work and psychology.

I got to learn things that are usually not taught in medical or nursing colleges. The flipped learning methodology allows one to learn and apply the knowledge well. The E-book provided by Pallicovid-Echo is concise and extremely helpful. Learning online was indeed a great experience for me.

The course made me realise that access to essential narcotic drugs and other pain medications are important to deliver quality and affordable palliative care. This was substantiated by latest evidence.

In addition to sensitising participants on nuances of palliative care in COVID-19 management; the course emphasizes to strike a healthy balance between handling work-stress and personal care. I would definitely like to recommend my colleagues to take this course.

My heartfelt thanks to Pallium India for coming up with such a well-structured course.”

Dr. Geetika Gangola, Nainital

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