Published on: July 30, 2020

An epitome of humility and compassion, Amy Lim has been one of the valued friends that we have been blessed with since many years. And a valued guest that Pallium India has been honored with. She and her friend (and our friend) Lily from Malaysia spent a few days with us in Trivandrum in 2019.

Please read this report in “Salt & Light” – “Less of me and more of You”: A nurse’s journey from aesthetic medicine to end-of-life care – on how she changed from Prada shoes to ill-fitting borrowed slippers, rather symbolic of her change of jobs (50% pay cut!) from a spa-like aesthetics clinic to palliative care. And what she got out of it.

Image: Amy (right) and Lily

One response to “Best wishes Amy Lim and all nurses of Singapore on August 01, Singapore Nurses Day!”


    Sister Amy Lim, Your story is a very thought provoking one with a spirit that every human being should imbibe. Truly an inspiring story filled with interesting anecdotes from your life. You have shown where to find true happiness. “‘Your pain will now be my pain, but your joy will also be my joy.” That one liner says it all. You are filled with humility when you said, “Less of Me and more of You”. Whatever that be, it is your faith that kept you going and I see you and the likes of you as God personified. If this is not, what is. Pallitaive Care is truly blessed to have one such as you to provide succour to our suffering brethren. Keep going Amy Lim and all the best to you and your family.

    Krishnaraj, Volunteer with Pallium India