Published on: June 9, 2020

“A published study based on the experience in 12 New York hospitals showed that only 11.9% of 320 patients survived, in whom ventilators were used and the treatment had come to a logical conclusion (discharge or death of the patient).” In an article titled “Ventilators can heal but also harm” published in The Hindu on 6 June 2020, Dr M. R. Rajagopal writes that to counter COVID-19 breathlessness, ventilators are not the panacea. In some situations, they will not help and may do harm.

On May 19, the World Health Assembly passed a resolution that palliative care should be made available to all people with COVID19. This would mean being mindful of suffering irrespective of disease status and making a concentrated effort to alleviate it as far as possible. It would involve adequate treatment of pain as well as other distressing symptoms. This would be bolstered by appropriate emotional support. Honest information compassionately given forms the cornerstone of such practice.

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One response to “Ventilators can heal but also harm”

  1. Health Times says:

    It’s pretty interesting to see the data coming from those hospitals which means that a ventilator being the undisputed hero for compromised breathing process sounds deceptively simple. Although we cannot simply ignore the fact that it helped save lives, we need to understand it thoroughly.