Published on: June 5, 2020

Palliative Care has never been more important than in this gruelling time of COVID-19.

16 palliative care experts got together in Kerala to form an informal task force: PallicovidKerala to develop guidelines for integration of palliative care with Covid-care.

PallicovidKerala’s Palliative Care in COVID19- Resource Toolkit for Low and Middle Income Countries : E-Book (version 3) is aimed at health care professionals in their tireless battle against the pandemic. This document is the product of valuable inputs and discussion among national and overseas faculty.

The e-book has been submitted to Kerala Government’s expert advisory group on COVID-19 for their consideration.

Thank you PallicovidKerala for the phenomenal and hard work.

The E-book was updated in December 2020 and the updated version is available here:

If you are interested to know about our palliative care courses for health care professionals treating people with Covid 19, please click here.

What our participants have to say:

I learnt how to deal with the patients
with life- threatening disease and COVID-19
patients under palliative care with empathy,
compassion and love.

Trustee, Palliative Care Organization, West Bengal

The e-booklet with the various algorithms
developed by Pallium India is a boon…If you
are a healthcare worker, regardless of your
disciplinary and departmental affiliations, I
strongly recommend that you attend this
course and take advantage of the wealth of
wisdom that it offers.

Retired Professor of Pathology, Delhi

This was a great opportunity to expand our
knowledge in the field of palliative care
which is still at a very premature stage in
Maldives. It is also worthwhile to mention
the timely nature of this program, which
helped us prepare for better care of our
sick and dying COVID-19 patients.

Doctor (public hospital), Maldives

We are very much interested and inspired
by your class. We got the awareness about
palliative care of COVID-19, about physical,
psychological, social and spiritual elements
of suffering and their management.

Nurse (private hospital), Kerala

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Video 2: Management of Pain and other Symptoms
Video 3: Managing the Symptom Complex of Breathlessness and Agitation in the Context of COVID19
Video 4: Triage in COVID19
Video 5: Communication Skills (Basics) in times of COVID19
Video 6: Making sense of Distress in the Context of COVID19
Video 7: Compassionate Care and Avoiding Burnout in the Context of COVID19
Video 8: End of Life Care in the Context of COVID19 Pandemic

For more information about the course, please visit:

11 responses to “Resources for Palliative Care in the context of COVID19”

  1. Dr.Obangjungla says:

    These are good learning sessions.

  2. Roopa Soman says:

    These classes would help add more knowledge about palliative care during the current pandemic situation.

  3. Umashankari says:

    Thank you last two sessions were informative.


    These webinars teach us palliative care, which is equally important as curative care in the treatment of Covid-19 .A big salute to the team of PalliCovid.

  5. Dr B P Sushma Kujur says:

    nice and informative

  6. Dr.Revathysaravanan says:

    All the webinars are informative,crisp and well focused on the topic

  7. Shivakumar says:

    The insights into the management of Palliative Care during Covid19 covering all aspects by subject experts of PalliCovid, will certainly help those who are currently associated with treatment and or managing patients diagnosed with Covid19. The mental trauma and stress that one undergoes is extremely painful not only to the individual but to his / her family members too..

  8. Djhoanna Aguirre=Pedro says:

    I learned a lot, what was shared are really interesting and mindful insights. It is actually an excerpt of the 3 days I have been studying the course. 🙂 thank you

  9. Pranab Basu says:

    During this trying time of covid19 pandemic, the role of Palliative care proves unique in providing COMFORT mitigating total pain — physical emotional social and spiritual with the tools of psychosocial support to the patients with life-threatening diseases, enhanced our knowledge in the applicability point of view, with empathy, compassion and love.

  10. Mari Joanne Joson says:

    I have a lot of new learnings from these resources. It has also helped me cope with my day to day life as a palliative medicine specialist knowing that even outside my own country, the same challenges we face everyday because of this pandemic. I appreciate and love my work even more. Easier to spread more compassion and empathy to those who are willing to embrace the nature of the specialty.


    All the contents and speakers are so good and sessions are informative.. thanks Palliam india..