Published on: June 5, 2020

Palliative Care has never been more important than in this gruelling time of COVID-19.

16 palliative care experts got together in Kerala to form an informal task force (PallicovidKerala) to develop guidelines for integration of palliative care with Covid-care.

PallicovidKerala’s Palliative Care in COVID19- Resource Toolkit for Low and Middle Income Countries: E-Book (version 3) is aimed at health care professionals in their tireless battle against the pandemic. This document is the product of valuable inputs and discussion among national and overseas faculty.

The e-book has been submitted to Kerala Government’s expert advisory group on COVID-19 for their consideration.

Thank you PallicovidKerala for the phenomenal and hard work.

The E-book was updated in May 2020 and the updated version is available here.

Video 1: Palliative Care in the Context of a global Pandemic


Video 2: Management of Pain and other Symptoms
Video 3: Managing the Symptom Complex of Breathlessness and Agitation in the Context of COVID19
Video 4: Triage in COVID19
Video 5: Communication Skills (Basics) in times of COVID19
Video 6: Making sense of Distress in the Context of COVID19
Video 7: Compassionate Care and Avoiding Burnout in the Context of COVID19
Video 8: End of Life Care in the Context of COVID19 Pandemic

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  1. Dr.Obangjungla says:

    These are good learning sessions.

  2. Roopa Soman says:

    These classes would help add more knowledge about palliative care during the current pandemic situation.

  3. Umashankari says:

    Thank you last two sessions were informative.

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