Published on: May 1, 2020

“We tell ourselves stories in order to live” – Joan Didion

In today’s world, Healthcare workers are not just frontline warriors but also the last line of defence.

Beyond the wartime rhetoric, the furious exchange of information and data, beyond predicting trends…

…behind the stoic bravery, healthcare workers are people, each with their own fears and vulnerabilities.

Nowhere are health care providers subject to as many varied forms of stress and trauma as in humanitarian crises. 

This pandemic has brought with it unprecedented challenges, and many untold stories.

A new programme has been developed in response to these challenging times.

We bring you RISE (Resilience, Inspiration, Storytelling, Empathy), a weekly online gathering of healthcare providers and interdisciplinary specialists.

We use the art of storytelling to create a supportive community, based on sharing experiences that healthcare workers are going through. It is a space to feel safely vulnerable – something that is not easily available to this community at the professional front or sometimes even within families. 

RISE has been co-created by 16 members of various disciplines and expertise from around the world. Several of them are present at each session in a facilitatory capacity or as designated “witnesses”, bound by principles of consent and confidentiality.

Watch this space for more information as the programme develops.

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