Published on: January 29, 2020

Diya Chandran is a proponent of Zumba dance. You see her leading the dance in the video.

She teaches Zumba and by doing so, she changes lives. We heard a young woman at her event explain how Diya changed her life around, by helping her to regain control when her body was growing in a way that prevented her from enjoying life.

But that is not all. When she heard about our palliative care work, she decided she had to help. She organized a fund-raising event on 07 December 2019.

That was where we met the celebrity chef, television personality and actress Jagee John. Jagee was so enthusiastic to know about our work that she immediately planned and started her operation cake. She contacted all her friends – each was to donate one cake that was to go to one family from among our patients who no longer had any Christmas in their lives. What a mission of love!

We remember how excited Jagee was for having been selected for the new Big Boss program on Asianet TV channel due to start on 07 January 2020.

But it was not to be. Jagee died in a freak accident at home on 24 December.

But as soon as they recovered from the shock, Jagee’s friends got back into action. The cakes came. Can you imagine the happiness that the cakes brought to the lives of children for whom Christmas was just something that their neighbours celebrated!

Thank you Jagee. Rest in peace.

And thank you Diya and friends for continuing the mission of love.

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