Published on: November 26, 2019

Fate had never been kind to Jyothi Kumar. An accident in his youth paralysed him below the waist. He went through abandonment and almost all the worst experiences that life can offer anyone. But he had always overcome. An author, poet, artist, innovator; his achievements had been many. But when fate dealt him another cruel blow and he lost most of his vision just over a matter of a week, he was in despair. He has limited vision now.

“Limited vision does not matter,” he said. “How do I get out of this sense of hopelessness?”

One of our young doctors showed us all how. She asked Jyothi, “Uncle, can you draw me a painting of what life looks to you now?”

That was enough. Was it the feeling that someone cared? Or was it the realisation that he could still do something for someone else?

Jyothi came to life and created this wonderful painting that he has titled “Insight”. And came back to being almost what he was – a source of inspiration to many.

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