Published on: August 31, 2019

“Usually we [the deaf community] are excluded in these kind of gatherings. Thank you very much Pallium India for keeping accessibility standards in your programme” – Shaliny

“Full inclusion is need of the hour, thank you Pallium India for your efforts to start full inclusive programmes.” – Sandhya

“I have attended many programmes on different platforms and most of them were not accessible for me. Being a deaf person, my language is sign language and it is the medium of communication for me. Thank you Pallium India, you have shown how to include marginalised community like us. I hope this initiative will have a positive impact in the society” – Vinod

“I think the decision of Pallium India to make use of sign language interpreters in your programme is a path breaking decision and it will enhance the awareness of deaf population on various topics.” – Preema

“I am getting old now, this event is beneficial for me to take care of myself and my family. The prime concern we are facing is the issue of accessibility but in this event Pallium India facilitated Sign Language interpreter so we felt we are equal. The Discussion there was informative and well organised.” – Jayaprakash

These were some of the feedback we received from the people with hearing impairment who attended our event ‘Life and Death with Digni-tea‘ on July 7, 2019 at Trivandrum. As part of our ongoing efforts to improve accessibility and inclusion in our programs, we had arranged a sign language interpreter for the event.

Thank you, Vinayachandran, for interpreting this event voluntarily and also for offering to support our future programs.

Read more about the event: Life and Death with Digni-tea

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