Published on: July 1, 2019

Here is an appeal on behalf of three teenagers who know what suffering is. These three girls have seen how people dear to them went through agonies with major health issues, how their families were destroyed financially. Their experience with disease and suffering made them determined to become doctors.

But the entrance examinations for medical admission make no allowance for attitude, commitment or passion. Only facts and figures count. In today’s rat race, they do not stand a chance unless they go through coaching classes which are expensive by our standards.

The requirement for the year for the three would be ₹3.2 lakhs (approximately $ 4600) (₹75,000+₹75,000+ ₹1.7 lakhs, the difference due to the location of the courses).

Would three people come forward, to sponsor one girl each?

If not, can you support with donating part of the fees? To donate, please visit: (India) or (USA)

Please write to us, we shall give you the girls’s stories:

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