Published on: July 26, 2019

Loss of a loved one happens to everyone, sometime or other in one’s life. When it is the loss of a young life, the grief is difficult to contain. As Abraham Lincoln is reported to have said, “You have not known grief until you have stood at the funeral of your own child.”

Nevertheless, the majority of people somehow manage to live with their grief, at least outwardly leading a normal life. A few go into pathological grief, no longer able to function in the society. Yet another, albeit small, group of people make something good to come out of their suffering.

Abhijit, a bright young person, died at the age of 19, of a viral infection. His loving family and friends created the Abhijit Foundation to reduce the suffering around them.

In a ceremonious event at the famous Kanakakkunnu Palace, Trivandrum at 6 PM on 25 July 2019, Justice P Sathasivam, Governor of Kerala handed over the foundation’s annual award for social service to Pallium India – a memorial plaque and a purse of ₹200,000. Thank you, Abhijit’s family and all at the foundation. Abhijit will live through the numerous people whose lives are positively changed by this and other charitable activities that you undertake.

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