Published on: June 12, 2019

A press release from the Healthy India Alliance (HIA) calls for multi-sectoral action for the increasing alcohol consumption in India. The growth in per capita consumption is a global phenomenon, but the increase in India is way out of proportion to the rest of the world. Understandably, the negative impact is much more in low and low-middle income countries than in the Global North.

HIA (of which Pallium India is a member) calls for the following control measures:

  • Comprehensive ban on all forms of alcohol advertising, promotion and sponsorship, including surrogate advertising of non-alcoholic products and online promotions, particularly on social media and depiction in movies and online streaming content;
  • A uniform minimum legal drinking age (25 years) to check drinking among adolescents and young adults, with a robust strategy to check age at Points of Sale;
  • Appropriate taxation across all forms of alcohol;
  • Stringent enforcement of drink driving laws and regulations;
  • Denormalisation of alcohol use as a social practice, through comprehensive and audience-specific health promotion campaigns

Please read:

Press Release: Healthy India Alliance calls for urgent multi-sectoral alcohol policy action in India

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