Published on: June 29, 2019

A group of volunteers, including palliative care activists and artists, is organizing an exhibition and sale of paintings and craft products. This 3-day event, Manjuthulli, will take place from July 4, 2019 to July 6, 2016 at Museum Auditorium, Trivandrum. The program will be inaugurated by Cartoonist Shri P. V. Krishnan at 10 a.m. on 4th July.

Part of the funds raised from this program will be used to support Pallium India’s patient care activities.

We request your presence and support for this event. Your contributions will go a long way in improving the life of people with chronic and life-limiting diseases.

Dates: July 4 to July 6, 2019
Venue: Museum Auditorium, Trivandrum
Inauguration: 10 a.m., 4th July, 2019

Contact: / (0)9746745502, (0) 9496284894


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If you are unable to attend the event but wish to support us, please Donate.


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