Published on: May 17, 2019

Celebrating International Nurses’ Day Online – Integrating palliative care in all nursing care

“It was indeed afruitful session and thrilling experience.Please do let me know if you organize any such sessions or training infuture. I would be glad to take part in it.” – Sr Anna Daniel (Anand, Gujarat)

“Thanks a lot for giving this opportunity to understand more about palliative medicine” – Mr. Dirk Dlima (PALCARE, Maharashtra)

“It was a wonderful experience.” – Mr. Vyas Nilamani and Sr. Min Madhavi (G G Govt Hospital, Jamnagar ,Gujarat)

On International Nurses Day (May 12, 2019), Trivandrum Institute of Palliative Sciences (TIPS) organized an online forum to update palliative care nurses on recent advances and to help nurses across all health care fields to integrate principles of palliative care.

The event brought nurses across the nation in one virtual platform to meet and share their experiences related to palliative care. We had participants from far west in Gujarat to the Assam in the North-east, and from Jammu & Kashmir up North to the southern tip in Tamil Nadu covering around 14 states and 2 UTs. Thank you, Dr Sanjeev Arora, and all at ECHO International and at ECHO India, for giving us the ECHO platform which enabled us to bring our country’s nurses together to share their warmth and experience on palliative care.

42 nurses involved in palliative care delivery attended the program. Some brought their friends from other fields in nursing. It started off with an introduction by Dr. M R Rajagopal on “Palliative Care in India & nurses” where he enumerated the various policies at national level, the past, present and future aspects of palliative nursing. Sr. Anna Daniel Rao spoke about the role of nurses in palliative care. Sr. Sandra Lywait and Sr. Rajni shared their experience as palliative care nurses. The session created an arena in which the nurses could come up with new ideas and think together to strengthen palliative care nursing as part of health care.

The project officers, nurses and the rest of the Pallium India team got together to make a success of this brainchild of our CEO, Mr. G. S. Manoj.

Ideas to improve on the program and to carry it forward are welcome. Please write to

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