Published on: April 25, 2019

Sometimes, Providence brings to us some exceptional human beings. One such gift to Pallium India is Dr Sarah Easaw, an oncologist in New Jersey, USA.

With the help of the women’s wing of the organisation that she headed at that time, Federation of Malayali Associations of America (FOMAA), she and her colleagues Rekha Nair (WF Secretary at that time), Kusumam Titus (Advisory Board Chair) and Benny Vachachira (FOMAA President at that time), funded us to create a special support system for one group of vulnerable people – women. As patients or caregivers, the challenges women have to go through in our society are formidable.

Please read what FOMAA has to say about Dr Sarah Easaw:

And please watch this six minute video. It will give some examples of the value of the work that FOMAA made happen.


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