Published on: April 8, 2019

Home is where one feels connected. And one would like to have family around, say one’s farewells and go in peace. Yes; but when one feels that way, he or she has not experienced what it is like to die at home.

So could death at home be a romantic dream rather than practical reality?

Researchers from University of Missouri-Columbia challenge the oft-held view about “death at home” in the article, “The myth of ‘no place like home’ when it comes to end of life” published on 03 April 2019. The study finds that “home deaths can be physically and emotionally challenging, especially for caregivers”. We need to think, could this challenge be even greater in our country where palliative care services are able to give only even less support at home?

Please read the abstract of the article: The Motivations and Consequences of Dying at Home: Family Caregiver Perspectives

Thank you Barry Ashpole and Media Watch for bringing this to our attention.

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