Published on: February 28, 2019

Dr. Mhoira’s association with Mizoram goes back almost ten years. She visited Aizawl again this Feb to reunite with her spirit that lives in the Mizo culture.

She again called on the government sectors and hospitals encouraging decision makers and enthusiasts to develop palliative care in all corners of Mizoram. She met the principal of the new medical college and elicited a promise to include palliative care education in the curriculum. She met the National Health Mission head and urged him to build palliative care units in each district hospital and monitor the progress. She met the Principal of the Theological college to include palliative care in pastor studies and be the lead in mobilising the community in building palliative care. She visited the State Cancer Institute to reminiscence old memories of starting the first palliative care unit in that hospital!

Along with meeting officials and influencing them, she went around the Synod Hospital wards checking on patients with substance abuse and HIV and shared her learning from Uganda to further develop palliative care to these suffering patients in Aizawl. She also motivated the doctors and nurses through her teachings in the ten day program for the district hospitals team.

Her way with the local culture, the Scottish association with the rituals & food and the amalgamation of faith, makes her win every Mizo heart! Every Mizo heart jumped when she wore a “puan” (the traditional Mizo ladies’ wraparound) and a child shouted from a corner… “Beautiful lady !!!”

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