Published on: January 21, 2019

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“Cancer is my prison, and intolerable suffering is the sentence on my family…”

The brunt of suffering from life threatening and life limiting diseases is inflicted not just upon the patient, but on the whole family. Such ordeal drains the sufferer and the family physically, psychologically, socially, spiritually and, most importantly, financially.

According to Insurance Regulatory Authority of India, out-of-pocket expenditure in India is as high as 62%. This means that out of every ₹100 spent for healthcare, ₹62 is incurred by the people. This burden is compounded in case of prolonged and serious suffering. Other than the physical and mental trauma, catastrophic expenditure pushes families into dire poverty which further deteriorates their condition and drags them deep into the uncertainties of life.

Pallium India works with patients and their families saddled by protracted suffering. When a family member has serious life threatening disease, children in the family lose out on care, support and guidance when they need it the most. Most often families may not be able to continue supporting their children’s education or children may be forced to forgo their education in want of looking after their family member. Pallium India provides educational support for these children.

You can help Pallium India support education of children from underprivileged families who receive palliative care from us. There are countless deserving families, but we are able to reach only a fraction of them.

The following are the fee details per student:

Up to 12th std: ₹8000 per year
Degree: ₹10,000 per year
Professional courses: ₹35000 per year

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