Published on: October 29, 2018

Please see this excellent WHO publication authored by Elizabeth Davies and Irene Higginson, available for free download: Palliative Care: The Solid Facts

And see the important message:

“Emerging needs of people living with serious chronic illnesses, together with new evidence for the effectiveness of palliative care, mean it must now be offered more widely and integrated more broadly across the health care services.”

However, we wish the publication focused more on the needs of the developing world, simply because the developing world is 80% of the world. How about those with “serious health-related suffering” due to conditions that are not chronic in nature? Like the dying person in ICU? Like the child with 50% burns screaming in pain day in and day out, where no one except the palliative care person is empowered to provide pain relief and to offer psychosocial support?

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