Published on: September 4, 2018

A video that went viral during the recent floods in Kerala was the one of the ‘human footstool’ in action, or should we say, in service! This young man, Jaisal from Tanur, Malappuram, rendered invaluable and timely help, in a manner that was so innovative, resourceful, but above all, self-effacing. Jaisal lowered himself as low as he could into those swirling, murky waters, so women could use his back as a stool, to step into a rescue boat which would take them to safety. Like so many other unsung heroes that the floods produced, this giant of a man sprang into action with no thought for his own health or physical well-being.

We truly hope we get to meet him some day, to tell him how much we admire and respect him, for setting such an amazing example of humanity for the entire world.

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